Arrays is a simple, all-in-one platform for collaborating around data that supports a wide range of collaborative workflows. Explore the product below.

Exploratory visualizations
Discover insights by transitioning seamlessly between multiple views of your data. Choose filters to narrow down, sort and group the data, or search for specific items.
Sharing insights
Users can create and post snapshots of the insights they discover and add their own annotations. Insights are displayed alongside your visualization, visible publicly or only to your team.
Post articles to add context around data, directly through Arrays. Embed interactive visualizations into your article, as well as images and videos to guide users.
Embeddable visualizations
Embed interactive visualizations on your website. Customize the controls users will see; limit or open up interactivity on your visualizations.
Social sharing
Share any visualization on Facebook or Twitter. Allow or disallow social sharing as needed in your visualization settings.
High-contrast mode for limited color vision. Support for screen-readers and keyboard-only interaction.
Team pages
Post visualizations and insights to your team page—a central, collaborative space for all of your team’s activity. Create a custom domain name for your team page and visualizations.
Brand consistency
Control the look and feel of your visualizations. Upload your logo, customize colors for labels and controls, and select the font for your visualizations.
Upload spreadsheets
Upload CSV or TSV files, which you can export directly from Excel. Update the source files later on if your data has changed.
Connect to a Google Sheet or API
Connect directly to a Google Sheet or to any API. Schedule automated updates, with support for CSV, TSV or JSON formats.
Content editor
Edit data directly in the Arrays dashboard. Add new entries, and selectively publish or unpublish individual data records.
Visualize your data
Create unlimited visualizations and choose from a large and growing library of views. Commission custom views for your own unique visualizations.
Private viewing for teams
Make visualizations private. Invite users to your team, and set their permissions to access all or only select visualizations—as an admin, editor or viewer.
Web traffic analytics
Measure traffic for all of your visualizations directly in the Arrays dashboard. Support for external analytics, incl. Google Analytics and other platforms.
Image Gallery
Gallery Heatmap
Icon Gallery
World Map
Point Map
Regional Map
Pie Chart
Pie Set
Line Graph
Bar Chart
Word Chart
Bubble chart

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