Create deeper engagement with your audience through fluid, exploratory visualizations that let people discover their own stories in data.

Searching for Health, by the Google News Lab, visualizes Google search data on health issues, and compares them with actual occurrences of health issues using data from the CDC.
Create innovative visualizations
Commission unique, innovative data visualizations based on your specific needs—from knowledge management, to enabling better decision-making, to making information accessible via public visualizations that turn data into compelling stories. Arrays makes custom visualizations efficient to build, and easy to maintain.
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Create a single source of truth for important data
Standardize and consolidate your data in a “single source of truth” for easy, intuitive and visual access by teams, departments or your entire organization. Move data out of spreadsheets and documents into fluid, exploratory visualizations accessible from a single location.
Security and control
Control who can edit and view visualizations, and ensure brand consistency for your organization. Measure how people are using your visualizations to assess their impact. Deploy Arrays on your own web server or inside your network for maximum security, and integrate with your own databases.

Explore data together