Explain data, visually.

Publish beautiful, interactive visualizations online using our data storytelling platform.
Data Journalists
Publish data-driven stories online, and embed interactive visualizations on your website or blog.
Present beautiful, interactive data visualizations to your clients and share your insights, individually or in your team.
Make important research and documents highly impactful, with maximum customization, security, and support.

Turn data into compelling stories.

Data tells stories. Data visualization creates impact. With Arrays, showcase your data as an engaging, interactive experience—mobile-ready, social, and embeddable on any website.
Arrays is easy to use by anyone with only a web browser—no expertise required. Anyone can explore your data visualizations using a delightful and intuitive user interface.
Arrays is an all-in-one solution—easy to set up and maintain. Select from different views to visualize your data, and customize the design to make it your own.
Your clients or audience can discover and share insights effortlessly. Public visualizations can be shared on social media or embedded on any website or blog.
Arrays is a product by Schema, a research and design firm with a focus on data storytelling. We have a track record creating innovative, interactive data visualizations for clients from Fortune 500 corporations to universities, institutions, and startups.
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