What if there was an easy, beautiful and interactive way to publish your data?

Following our success with Schema—the research and design firm specializing in turning complex data into advanced, interactive experiences—our team pondered how those same user-friendly and visually-striking experiences could be made accessible to a much broader audience.

Arrays is the answer.

As the founder and CEO of Arrays, this is a project that I am particularly excited to unveil. Early customers have already used Arrays on their various and diverse pilot projects and we have utilized their feedback to build, what I truly consider, the best and most engaging means of presenting your data and research.

Building off of Schema’s most popular attributes—innovative and accessible interfaces, plus stunning, interactive visual data—we have created the perfect tool for consolidating and sharing your information, while streamlining its shared capabilities.

With Arrays, you create a unique and beautiful interactive experience in seconds—no prior experience needed—then publish your data to be viewable on any mobile device, tablet or desktop computer. Viewers can share your visualizations on social media or their own websites and add their own annotations. The final result is easily open to customization, giving your consolidated data its own unique look. And the possibilities are endless: product galleries, art and design collections, and business research documents all become bold, interactive living documents.

Modern workflow standards have become increasingly dependent upon cloud-based sharing. Arrays brings your data vibrantly to life and lets you effortlessly share it online.

I am proud to announce that Arrays will officially launch in March. In the meantime, we welcome you to explore our numerous datasets at app.arrays.co to learn the endless possibilities that Arrays offers for your organization. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to learn more and receive an invitation to our limited beta release!