Explore data, together

Collaborate around data. Create fluid, exploratory visualizations. Discover and share insights.

Easy to use—no expertise required

For individuals, teams, and organizations

Individuals: Explore open data on current issues
Millions of datasets are openly available, on topics ranging from social, political and economic issues to the environment. Until now, insights have been locked away in files. Engage communities by posting fluid, exploratory visualizations of open data.
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Teams: Collaborate around data and share insights
Move data out of spreadsheets into visualizations accessible from a single location. Bring your team together around data to share ideas and insights in context. Explore data collaboratively by pivoting seamlessly between galleries, charts, timelines, and maps.
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Organizations: Let your audience discover your data
Open up your data to internal or external audiences, with full control over viewing and editing permissions. Create deeper engagement through fluid, exploratory visualizations. Commission custom visualizations based on your specific needs.
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Arrays is a sister company of Schema, a research and design firm with a focus on data visualization. Schema has a track record creating innovative, interactive data visualizations for clients from Fortune 500 corporations to universities, institutions, and startups.
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